9th International Workshop on
Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution

9th International Workshop on
Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution

Napoli, Italy • 3-5 October 2022

Napoli, Italy • 3-5 October 2022


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  • 10:00-11:00

    Registration of participants and Welcome Coffee


    Opening remarks and Institutional greetings


    Session 1 - Environmental Justice

    Chair: Simonetta Giordano


    Invited Lecture

    Stefano Loppi

    Bioaccumulation of potentially toxic elements in environmental forensics


    Lunch Time


    Oral presentations


    O1 • Contardo T., Loppi S.

    The contribution of lichen biomonitoring to environmental justice. A case study from Milan (in Italy)


    O2 • De Marco A., Bertini G., Braschi C., Brunialti G., Canullo R., Cecchini G., Cocciufa C., Marchetto A., Pollastrini M., Papitto G.

    Air quality: the answers of the ecosystems. Ambitions and goals of the life modern (NEC) project


    O3 • Paoli L.

    Lichens as biomonitors of indoor air quality


    O4 • Guida M. et al.

    Human bio-monitoring and bio-indicators for health risk management associated to chronic exposures in high radon concentration environment


    O5 • Sorrentino M.C., Capozzi F., Wuyts K., Joosen S., Mubiana V.K., Giordano S., Samson R., Spagnuolo V.

    Moving moss-bags: a new perspective for the moss-bag approach


    Coffee break


    Session 2 - Biomonitors: comparisons and applications

    Chair: Carmine Guarino


    Oral presentations


    O6 • Markert B., Wünschmann S.

    Innovative Observation of the Environment: Bioindicators and Biomonitors: Definitions, Strategies and Applications


    O7 • Milićević T., Aničić Urošević M., Malićanin M., Popović A., Relić D.

    Biomonitoring of potentially toxic element air pollution in agricultural areas


    O8 • Cianciullo P. et al

    Integrated biomonitoring of heavy metal through the moss Scorpiurum circinatum and the honey bee Apis mellifera: a pilot study


    O9 • Monaci F., Ancora S., Baroni D., Paoli L., Loppi S.

    Lichen transplants as indicators of gaseous elemental mercury concentrations


    O10 • Vannini A., Pagano L., Bartoli M., Fedeli R., Marmiroli M., Malcevschi A., Petraglia A., Loppi S.

    Lichens versus biochar: a preliminary study on the potential use of biochar to replace lichens for the environmental (bio)monitoring of potentially toxic elements


    O11 • Chaligava O., Vergel K., Yushin N., Peshkova A., Frontasyeva M

    Moss biomonitoring of air pollution in Georgia


    O12 • Qarri F., Bekteshi L., Kane S., Lazo P.

    Moss biomonitoring studying Co, Cr and Ni contamination in atmospheric deposition in Albania


    O13 • Świsłowski P., Nowak A., Rajfur M., Wacławek M.

    Application of moss-bag technique in daily life

  • 10:00

    Session 3 - Biomonitoring at the macroscale and Ecotoxicology

    Chair: Luca Paoli


    Invited Lecture

    Michael P. Perring, Sharps K., Hayes F.

    Critical levels for NOx: a review in space and time


    Oral presentations


    O14 • Jenssen M., Nickel S., Schröder W.

    Potential future development of forests exposed to atmospheric nitrogen deposition and climate change in Germany


    O15 • Nickel S., Schröder W., Dreyer A., Völksen B.

    Biomonitoring of metals and nitrogen atmospheric deposition in Germany with mosses: the survey 2020


    Coffee break


    Invited Lecture

    Mauro Tretiach

    Ecotoxicology of graphene related materials: new insights and perspectives


    Oral presentations

    Chair: Andrea Vannini


    O16 • Brunialti G. et al.

    Monitoring forest and freshwater ecosystems: a multivariate approach to discriminate air pollution impacts


    O17 • Santorufo L., Memoli V., Santini G., Maisto G., Esposito F., Di Natale G., Trifuoggi M., Barile R., Panico S.C.

    Influence of land use on metal depositions on soil and potential effects on human health


    O18 • Postiglione A., Prigioniero A., Zuzolo D., Tartaglia M., Scarano P., Maisto M., Ranauda M.A., Sciarrillo R., Guarino C.

    The Quercus ilex phyllosphere microbiome: its intra- and interdomain features in urban and natural Mediterranean context


    O19 • Fränzle S.

    Chitin on organism covers, controlling transport and measurement of airborne and aquatic (cationic) pollutants


    Lunch Time


    Oral presentations

    Chair: Stefan Fränzle


    O20 • Giuliano F., Terzaghi M., Gentile A., Tammone C., Tangredi D.N., Guarino F.

    Biomonitoring of anthropogenic effects in a naturalistic site


    O21 • Delaunay B., Sauret N., Ledauphin J.

    Is Eleagnus ebbingei a good candidate to monitor polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the atmosphere of temperate areas in Europe? Evaluation in the French cities of Caen and Nice


    O22 • Prigioniero A. et. al.

    Role of leaf surface functional traits in sequestration and retention of particulate matter and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Mediterranean urban forests


    O23 • Carrieri V. et. al.

    The role of waxes in PAH absorption in the moss Physcomitrium patens


    Coffee break


    Oral presentations


    O24 • Gottardini E., Cristofolini F., Cristofori A., Novotny R., Rupel M., Schaub M., Ferretti M.

    The potential of Viburnum lantana as in-situ bioindicator to assess ozone impact on vegetation


    O25 • Guarino F., Improta G, Triassi M., Di Stasio L., Castiglione S., Cicatelli A.

    Air quality biomonitoring through Olea europaea L.: the study case of “land of fires”


    O26 • Buitrago Posada D., Chaparro M.A.E.

    In situ magnetic biomonitoring using transplants of Tillandsia capillaris (Bromeliaceae) in two midsize Argentinian cities


    O27 • Cakaj A., Drapikowska M., Lisiak-Zielińska M., Hanć A., Qorri E.

    Trifolium pratense: a suitable bioindicator for heavy metals in urban areas


    Social dinner
    “Restaurant Magnolia” vico Belledonne a Chiaia, 11, Napoli

  • 10:00

    Session 4 - Microplastics

    Chair: Stefano Loppi


    Invited Lecture

    Julian Aherne, Bertrim, C.

    Active moss biomonitoring of microplastic deposition in urban environments


    Oral presentations


    O28 • Jafarova M., Contardo T., Aherne J., Loppi S.

    Atmospheric deposition of microplastics: a lichen biomonitoring study in Milan, Italy


    O29 • Capozzi F., Cascone E., Sorrentino M.C., Granata A., Spagnuolo V., Iuliano M., De Tommaso G., Giordano S.

    Transplanted cryptogams to detect atmospheric microplastic deposition


    Coffee break


    Short communications (5 min. each) and awards for the two best oral presentations and the best short communication

    Chairs: Valeria Spagnuolo and Fiore Capozzi


    S1 • Capozzi V. et al.

    Science, politics and common sense: the project “AURA” for particulate matter monitoring in Irpinia (Southern Italy)

    S2 • De Nicola F. et al.

    Atmospheric deposition of heavy metals, PAHs and radiocaesium along an elevational gradient in Stereocaulon vesuvianum from mt. Vesuvius

    S3 • Germano G. et al.

    Study of indoor and soil gas radon levels in the University campuses of Monte S. Angelo (University of Naples), Fisciano (University of Salerno) and Benevento (University of Sannio)

    S4 • Granata A. et al.

    Morpho-physiological responses of Eruca sativa (Mill.) grown in hydroponics from seeds exposed to ionizing radiation

    S5 • Halilović Dž. et al.

    Biomonitoring of heavy metals using lichens, mosses and conifer needles in different Sarajevo areas (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    S6 • Spagnuolo V. et al.

    Use of native H. cupressiforme for the biomonitoring of microplastics in proximal-natural sites of Campania region

    S7 • Zuzolo D. et al.

    Plant-environment interactions: role of leaf functional traits in potentially toxic elements air phytoremediation

    S8 • Ramić E. et al.

    Biomonitoring of air pollution using moss Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw.: case study in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    S9 • Petrova S. et al.

    Ecosystem services of some urban trees related to air quality and carbon sequestration

    S10 • Ravera S. et al.

    Evaluating an integrated monitoring approach using tree-rings, lichens, and insects as bioindicators

    S11 • Rossini-Oliva S. et al.

    Screening indoor plants for airborne particle removal efficiency in active living walls


    Concluding remarks and “Biomap for the future”

    Chairs: Simonetta Giordano, Stefano Loppi, Simone Wünschmann